Are you a Technical Apple Professional?

If so, MacTech Pro events are for you — they are designed specifically for the professional tech or consultant supporting Apple technologies.

The Hottest Topics & Issues

Not just what’s fashionable, but real world, sustainable information that you need to know, and can use right away.

Expert Speakers

MacTech’s regional events have attracted a continual stream of expert speakers and sessions chairs to bring the most to our signature curriculum. Better yet, ask questions from those “in the know.”

Lunch, Networking & Vendors

We want to keep your learning on maximum, and give you a chance to network with your peers. As such, MacTech Pro Events include lunch for all attendees as part of your registration. This enables opportunities to talk with peers, vendors, and meet new contacts.

Packed Schedule

Using MacTech’s proven “running order” approach, we pack in the maximum number of sessions into the time available.

Coming to Your Region. All New for 2017!

Nine great cities — specifically selected because they are regional hubs, with great airport access and a lot of non-stop flights. MacTech Pro events cater not just to those locally, but at each event, half the attendees come from hundreds of miles a way. With an optimized schedule, driving or a quick flight becomes an easy option for most.


March 15, 2017

Sessions Chair:

JD Strong


April 5, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Andy Espo & Leon Lincoln


May 3, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Bob Garst

Washington, D.C.

May 24, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Will O'Neal


June 28, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Weldon Dodd

New York

July 26, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Neil Ticktin


August 9, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Tim Hassett


August 30, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Ben Greiner

San Francisco

September 27, 2017

Sessions Chair:

Neil Ticktin

Key Vendors

A good tech knows the tools and services to use. MacTech carefully selects vendors to be part of the event, and you get to not only see how they can help you, but establish that key relationship with vendors that always makes things work better.

Our national sponsors for 2017 include: 



Our event sponsors for 2017 include: 



Pricing and Registration.

The earlier you register, the more you save. See the pricing table for more detail.

Events are economically priced at $499 … but if you register early, there are discounts available. Don’t wait!