2016 holds unique challenges for Apple techs — with many changes taking hold now, the MacTech Pro sessions line up addresses the hottest topics, with the most impact for you, the professional Apple tech.

Each MacTech Pro event has the same sessions lineup. Sessions to be announced in the weeks to come.

To give you an idea of the technical level of content, last year’s topics were:

  • Deconstructing iCloud Drive: What a Tech Must Know
  • Time Machine Deep Dive, and Fitting it Into a Backup Strategy
  • The Professional Apple Tech’s Toolbox
  • Using OS Resources to Diagnose Troubles
  • Caching servers, DNS Tricks, and More
  • VPP, DEP, and Under 13: How New Apple ID Requirements Impact You and Your Clients
  • Productivity Tools: Best Practices and Uses of Microsoft Office
  • Security, Viruses and Malware. It’s real. It’s now. You need to take it seriously.
  • Managing Your Clients To Increase Productivity and to Optimize Revenue

Special thanks to Sean Colins, and our entire curriculum council in defining these sessions.