About MacTech Pro Events

Do you make your living supporting others?  If you’re a professional tech or consultant supporting Apple technologies, MacTech Pro Events are designed specifically for you: the professional Apple tech.

What are MacTech Pro Events?

Sessions2MacTech Pro Events are the next incarnation of MacTech’s successful regional events — but with a specific focus on the professional Apple tech, sysadmin and consultant. With an all new curriculum built from the ground up, the event benefits both return attendees and those that have never attended a MacTech event. These events, held around the country, are specifically designed for those that support others who use Apple technologies including sysadmins, consultants supporting small-to-medium sized business, and those that support others in their organization. MacTech Pro Events are single-track, hotel-based seminars that are specifically geared to serve the needs of consultants and techs wanting to better serve their base.

When and Where?

MacTech Pro Events are located throughout the United States and are easily accessible not only in the local area, but in the US region through major airports. See the full list of locations and sign up today for a city near you.

Packed Schedule.

The day is packed with sessions, but also has plenty of time for networking with your fellow techs, speakers and vendors. Using MacTech’s proven “running order” approach, we pack in the maximum number of sessions into the time available. At MacTech Pro Events, you learn from the experts and get to ask questions from those “in the know.”


Sessions2What topics? There’s a great line up of sessions. This year’s curriculum sessions are:
See full descriptions, and more details on our topics page.

Expert Speakers.

MacTech’s regional events have attracted a continual stream of expert speakers and sessions chairs to bring the most to our peer-reviewed, signature curriculum. With a focus on speakers from each region, it’s not often that so many experienced individuals are brought together for a jam-packed series of sessions and information. See our sessions chair team listed by city.

MacTech Pro Events are good both for those that have previously been to MacTech events, or are new to MacTech events.

Lunch Included.

We want to keep your learning on maximum, and give you a chance to network with your peers. As such, MacTech Pro Events include lunch for all attendees to enable those opportunities as part of your registration.

How do MacTech Pro Events differ from other MacTech events?

Our flagship, annual MacTech Conference is a multi-day conference targeting IT Pros, Enterprise, and consultant community. Where MacTech Conference talks about issues for large organizations, MacTech Pro Events are specifically designed for professional consultants and techs who primarily spend their time on the small to medium sized business, support organization, SOHO and consumer market.


MacTech Pro Events are economically priced at $499. We strongly encourage you to register prior to the event as there are a very limited number of onsite registrations available. The earlier you register, the more you can save. See how pricing works or better yet, Register now.

Education Pricing: Education and student pricing is available. See our education pricing page for details and requirements.