South Central 2020 Schedule

Below you will find TWO versions of the schedule: a grid version to give you an overview, and a detailed list version.

Please note: This schedule WILL change and update as we get closer to the event dates. Don't depend on precise times within the day yet.
In week view, click on >> to go to a calendar for just that single day.

[ics_calendar id=”172002″ startdate=”20200225″ limitdays=”2″ zoom=”1.7″ hours=”0800-1800″ ]
[ics_calendar id=”171989″ startdate=”20200225″ limitdays=”2″]
[ics_calendar id=”172002″ startdate=”20200226″ limitdays=”1″ zoom=”1.7″ hours=”0800-1800″ ]
[ics_calendar id=”171989″ startdate=”20200226″ limitdays=”1″]