While we’re pretty good at sticking to an overall schedule, MacTech Pro is designed to pack sessions full of information, and invite discussion when possible. This allows for a natural flow to the event without sacrificing precious time in the schedule. This translates into MacTech getting more content into your day.

Like military generals say, “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” While we will have a detailed schedule of sessions as event day approaches, it’s best to be flexible and expect the unexpected.

With that in mind, here are the details you need to plan your travel and such for the day.

8:30 AM: Registration (not available until 8:30am)
9:00 AM: Sessions Begin
Mid-Morning: Break
Approx 12:30pm: Lunch
Mid-Afternoon: Break
6:00 PM: Conclusion

Detailed schedules are continually updated through the day of the event.
You can see the detailed schedules reference from each individual city page.