Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS Accreditation. Congrats!


This page is for people that have become accredited for Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS!
Note: Use of these graphics is only authorized for those that have become accredited through the official program. If you have not passed the Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS Accreditation 2015 exam, then this page and these assets are not for you.

Not accredited? Or want to know more about the Microsoft Office for Mac Accreditation? Here’s the Information about the program.

Strut your stuff.

It’s a tough accreditation exam, and once you’ve passed, you are immediately entitled and encouraged to start letting people know what you have accomplished, and the services you offer. What does that mean? A couple of things:

  • Add the credential to your email signature, resume, LinkedIn, etc…
    The official name of the accreditation and the text you should use, is:
    “Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS Accredited Support Professional, 2015”
    Do not abbreviate or truncate please. And, you need to include the year as well.

  • Add the graphic/badge to your web site, literature, business card. Below are are a series of different sizes for you to be able to use.
  • Add this accreditation to your listing at MacTech Match. Remember, listings are free — just make sure to select this specialty that you have.

Here are five sizes (png files) for you to use: