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MacTech Pro Events are the next incarnation of MacTech’s successful one-day, single-track, regional hotel-based seminars with a specific focus on the needs of professional Apple IT Pros, techs and consultants. These events are specifically designed for those that support others using Apple technologies ... including small-to-medium sized business, organization support staff, and specialized Apple consultants.

With an all new curriculum built from the ground up, the event benefits both return attendees and those that have never attended a MacTech event. Best yet, this in person event maximizes attendees chance to meet with peers, find critical vendor contacts, and foster the type of collaborative networking that the Apple community is famous for.

Included: Packed schedule. All sessions. Expert speakers. Lunch and breaks. Vendor interaction. See more (in general) about MacTech Pro, or below for this specific city's event.

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Date: June 20, 2018
Time: All Day. See Detailed Schedule.
   Registration at 8:30am
   Sessions start at 9am. Day ends by 6pm.

VMware/Airwatch Offices
1155 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta GA 30338

Sessions Chair: Bob Garst

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Sessions Chairs

Bob Garst, BFA Technologies, Inc.

Bob Garst is the founder and President of BFA Technologies, Inc., an Atlanta-based Apple authorized consultancy and member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN). Formed originally as Bob for Apples, Inc. in Oct. 2002, BFA is now in it's 14th year with (7) employees. Bob has over 36 years experience in IT, including 20 years in Corporate America at Tektronix, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer, Inc. At Apple, Bob spent 5 years as an Enterprise Account Sales Rep.; and his professional career includes a great mix of experience in both IT sales and consulting. BFA Technologies, Inc. has been heavily involved in Mobile Device Management (MDM) since 2010 when first partnering with MobileIron. BFA is also a partner with AirWatch and JAMF Software. BFA has (2) certified Sr. Consultants performing Jumpstarts as a part of JAMF Software's integrator program; and in the first 15 months, they have spent a total of 236 days assisting 103 clients all across the country.

Neil Ticktin, MacTech Magazine

Neil not only plays host for all MacTech events, but aids the session chairs for all MacTech events (over 100 events since 2010). Neil has been the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacTech Magazine since 1992. With both a technical and business background, Neil has authored hundreds of articles including most of MacTech's well known benchmarking articles on productivity applications, virtualization, and performance products.


Jack-Daniyel Strong, Strong Solutions

Jack is the President of J-D Strong Consulting, Inc. and Strong Solutions. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, grew from a one-man consultancy into an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider for the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho area. JD joined the team of Watchman Monitoring two years ago to help with documentation and support. JD continues to run a small MSP in his free time.

Allen Hancock, Watchman Monitoring

Allen Hancock received his Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri - Columbia. In 2000, Allen started the Mac Consulting Group, Inc: an Apple Specialist, Service Provider, and Authorized Training Center. There, he found his thrill in helping clients make the most of their computing experiences. In 2010 Allen founded Watchman Monitoring to focus on finding problems before they become disasters, filling the gap between full on management and waiting for computers to fail.

Neil Ticktin, MacTech Magazine

Neil not only plays host for all MacTech events, but aids the session chairs for all MacTech events (over 100 events since 2010). Neil has been the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacTech Magazine since 1992. With both a technical and business background, Neil has authored hundreds of articles including most of MacTech's well known benchmarking articles on productivity applications, virtualization, and performance products.

Jason Dragoo, BFA Technologies, Inc.

Jason is a Sr. Consultant with BFA Technologies, Inc. and a certified consultant in the Apple Consulting Network (ACN). Since 1996, Jason now has accused over 20 yrs. of IT experience which began by maintaining IT systems for over 150 small to medium-sized businesses for an Atlanta-based company. Jason has a heavy Windows and Linux background and his past experience also includes areas such as client / server software, phone systems / VOIP, VMWare ESX 6.0 server deployments, etc… With nearly 6 years at BFA Technologies, Inc.. Jason now deploys and manages Apple-based solutions for BFA's many business and education clients. He also manages the datacenter for BFA which consists of a hybrid of Apple and Linux hosted on Apple hardware using VMWare technologies. Jason's Linux experience includes implementing and managing Linux-based servers as well as Linux clusters in a VM environment.

Avery Chipka, Circle Technology Collective International

Avery Chipka is a Senior Partner, and the Chief Security Officer at CTCI. CTCI provides enterprise level IT solutions to private and public sector organizations throughout the world, and specializes in the delivery of managed services and single point of contact IT solutions. Avery has over twenty years of experience in the Apple admin community, and has been speaking at IT and security focused events and conferences since 2002. Avery holds an extensive number of certifications from organizations including, but not limited to, DHS, FEMA, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Adobe, and CompTIA.

Tyler Jones, Carmichael Consulting Solutions, LLC

Tyler is the President of Carmichael Consulting Solutions, LLC based in Roswell, GA. Carmichael is focused on providing small and medium sized businesses managed services with a focus on service and security, with deep expertise across multiple technology platforms. Tyler spent 15 years in corporate IT (primarily in the banking industry) before leaving in late 2010 to start Carmichael Consulting. He has built a team of tech experts that love working with people. Tyler hosted Random Access on WGST from 1998 to 2003 doing tech support on the air, live. He and his wife Lee have two high school aged children.

Mike Hjorleifsson, DTEV, LLC

Michele (Mike) Hjorleifsson, co-author of the Apple Training : Security & Mobility courseware has been developing solutions on the Apple, Windows and Linux platforms since the Apple ][+ / Windows 3. Designer of the first sub $1000 Linux tablet he has been implementing advanced technologies since the early '90s, and worked with the nation's largest corporations and government institutions. Currently providing IoT product/solutions development consulting

Brian Harriss, Moonlighting in Tech

Brian Harriss is an IT Consultant for Moonlighting In Tech in Powder Springs, GA. Moonlighting In Tech does almost anything computer/technology related. Determining the right equipment for client needs, setting up new computers, configuration, networking, server installations, peripherals, upgrades, troubleshooting, training, and routine maintenance. Their experience includes: assisting medical offices to move to Electronic Medical Records (EMR), installing & configuring Cisco equipment, training and setting up iPhones/iPads, and monthly maintenance.

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Sessions and Topics

  • Settings and Preferences: Reduce Headaches by doing it your way.
    As a seasoned tech, you know the setup that helps your users. There are specific settings and preferences that you may want to make sure that a specific user, or the users you support in general, are using for their systems and applications. What’s best practices for manipulating plists and launch daemons? How do you push these configurations out to your users’ computers? What are some of the most common settings to address? What are some of the options you have that can make it easier to user-proof systems?

  • Imaging is dead. No more cloning. Now what?
    The days of getting that perfect image in place, and cloning it are gone. New systems will not be able to be cloned in the way you’ve done for decades. There’s no choice moving forward but to use some type of deployment mechanism -- whether MDM, EMM, RMM, MDE or any one of the many TLAs (three-letter acronyms) that come down to solutions for managing and deploying devices. Bottom line, if you don’t get on understanding the new landscape now, you’ll be in a world of hurt as new systems are released. The good news is that Apple is finally unifying deployment schemes. Come find out why DEP is critical, your options, and what kernel extensions are all about?

  • Infrastructure and Design: IoT for Small Business and Home.
    Many people think of IoT as home automation, or appliances of the future. The reality is that IoT is so much more than that, and as the technologist responsible for supporting your users, there’s opportunity, not to mention, responsibility for you in supporting users. Best yet, as you define plans, there are incredible opportunities for not just having IoT smarten the details of our lives, but money that can be saved for your users. And, whether that’s adding to your job responsibilities as an IT Pro, or an expanded opportunity for your consultancy to profit, it’s something for you to pay attention to.

  • Group Discussion: Preparing Users for Security, Breaches.
    The people you support rely on you to keep them functioning. They don’t necessarily care about the specific technologies, they instead want to focus on what they do. What are the best ways to “have the talk” about security, and help users and decision makers to understand why security needs to be important to them? What are the things that they, the users, need to do to be a part of the solution? What training tools and security tests should you have in place? How do you get people to understand being resilient, because breaches will happen.

  • APFS: It’s here. It’s now. It’s different. What you need to know.
    Apple doesn’t do it often, but about once every 15 years, completely changes the underpinnings of its operating systems … the file system. Apple File System (APFS) is the new file system for macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. How is it different? What are the benefits? What is “snapshotting”? How has encryption changed? How does this impact the ways you maintain and monitor the disks and storage that users have on their systems? There’s a whole lot that you know from HFS+ that no longer applies or has changed -- here’s your chance to make sure you are on top of what APFS is about, and what it means for your users.

  • Providing Managed Services for your organization and clients.
    Keeping all your users’ computers and devices up to date and on a level playing field is just one of many goals for providing managed services for those you support. It is always a win if you are seeing problems before they become a disaster, scheduling downtime and upgrades, and being proactive. We will not only explore ways to manage computers, but other services that could help ease your burden of supporting users, providing that routine maintenance for users, and keep you from calling the tow truck to haul the computer in for repair.

  • Getting the Mail Through.
    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night … well that’s the goal at least. These days email continues to be the holy grail of communication, but it’s harder and harder to get the mail through. We’ll talk about SPF, DKIM, DMARC - what are they, and how do you use and monitor them. There are several common pitfalls to mail service configuration that even the most seasoned tech will run into, and we’ll cover them in this session as well as how to troubleshoot email delivery. Inherent in this discussion is how to secure an email server, and keep it from being used in nefarious ways.

  • The Tools You Should Use for Troubleshooting and Security.
    This year is more different for Apple techs than any year in recent history. Changes to the file system, deployment, massive security concerns, IoT, and more. “Different” and “Changes” means that you need to be ready to support users -- figuring out if the tools you already know will still work, or finding new tools needs to be done before you need them, not at the time you need them. This session will help you update your toolbox for both troubleshooting and security needs. And, we’ll hear from the group if there’s additional favorites in the community, and the pros/cons of the tools available.

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