Logos and Banners

This page has the assets for current MacTech Pro logos and banners in a variety of sizes.


There are two types of logos — with outline/halo and without. The first one in each row is the “without” version. The second one is the “with” outline version (which is why it appears to be slightly smaller when displayed on a white background. Note: black background is not part of graphic — it’s only shown to show the halo.)

Here are the different sizes.

100 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-100 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-100

125 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-125 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-125

150 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-150 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-150

200 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-200 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-200

250 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-250 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-250

350 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-350 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-350

500 wide: MacTech_Pro_Events-500 MacTech_Pro_Events-Halo-500


The below jpg’s should point to /

300×200 : Apple-Pro-300x200

300×250 : Apple-Pro-300x250

336×280 : Apple-Pro-336x280

480×060 : Apple-Pro-480x060

728×090 : Apple-Pro-728x090