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March 4, 2015

W Seattle
1112 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
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Sessions Chairs


Shelley A. Watson, Wheelwrights LLC

Since 1997, Shelley has run her own Apple consulting firm. Currently she is the Managing Partner at Wheelwrights, an Apple-focused technology consulting company. Shelley has worked on curriculum development teams for Apple, been an Apple Certified Trainer, and is an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator for 10.8. She is a long time member of the Apple Consultants Network, previously serving on the Advisory Council. Shelley also participates in Northwest Mac Pros, an organization of consultants, trainers and developers specializing in Apple Mac OS X and iOS systems.


Neil Ticktin, MacTech Magazine

Neil not only plays host for all MacTech events, but aids the session chairs for all MacTech events (over 60 events since 2010). Neil has been the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacTech Magazine since 1992. With both a technical and business background, Neil has authored hundreds of articles including most of MacTech’s well known benchmarking articles on productivity applications, virtualization, and performance products.


Chris Dawe, Wheelwrights, LLC

Born and raised in Texas, Chris studied history at the University of Chicago before getting sidetracked into the world of Apple, networking, and IT. A member of the Seattle consulting community since 1999 and Principal Systems Engineer for Wheelwrights since 2007, Chris provides planning, solutions, support, and training for a variety of business and education customers in Western Washington. In his off hours, Chris can be found mucking about in the kitchen, usually with sharp knives and unseemly amounts of butter.



Chris Tarnowieckyi, Tarny Network Consulting and Training

Chris “Tarny” Tarnowieckyi is the author of six Mac OS X video training tutorials available from O’Reilly Media, Inc, formerly InfiniteSkills. He is the CEO, principle instructor, and janitor for Tarny, Inc an Apple Authorized Training Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also a member of the Apple Consultants Network. Tarny earned a MS in Engineering Management and BS in Computer Science from what was then called the University of Missouri – Rolla. He is an Apple Certified Trainer, Apple Certified System Administrator, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and Apple Certified Support Professional. In addition to his Mac interest, Chris Tarnowieckyi is a volunteer leader with a Boy Scout Troop. He has been awarded the “District Award of Merit” and graduated from the adult training Wood Badge leadership course. When not working on Mac servers, computers or networks he can be often found camping or hiking. Chris’ daughter and son are both working toward earning degrees in mechanical engineering and his wife is a very successful and talented mechanical engineer. When something mechanical breaks, he knows who to call.


David Ball, Command Prompt

David Ball is a Senior Consultant and co-owner at Command Prompt, which can be found in balmy Santa Barbara. He’s made a career out of supporting the Mac in business environments since 1995 after realizing that the only way to make a small fortune in working in the radio production industry is to start with a large one. In the last 19 years he’s worked with Fortune 500 companies (although, admittedly, not many of the really cool ones) and enjoyed all the inherent pleasures of supporting multiple desktop environments in an organization that consisted chiefly of very angry people who would fly all over the world and leave all their chargers, adaptors, and occasionally their devices in undisclosed locations. Thankfully, he now gets to work with a broad range of clients in the medical, industrial and creative fields who usually stay in one place. Recently he’s started working with iPad point of sale solutions in restaurant environments. Mostly this is because of all the free food.


Kirk Godtfredsen, KKHE Consulting

Kirk has over 25 years of Mac related IT experience – from StarControllers and 3270 emulation over Token Ring to WPA, Active Directory and iPhones, he’s had to integrate it. He spent 13 years at Apple as a systems engineer and trainer (before the stock splits – natch). For the last 12 years he has provided IT support to small biz, K-12 and higher-education, and also spends time helping out @ BusyMac, the makers of BusyCal and BusyContacts. He has been involved with mobile computing since its inception, working on the first email client for the first internet-based phone w/AT&T Wireless. When he isn’t working, he’s biking and hiking.


Vanessa White

Vanessa White is a lifelong Mac geek who has done everything from end user support to client systems and server administration. She has worked in higher ed, small business, enterprise, and general public facing settings, supporting users and customers from all walks of life. She’s a lifelong resident of Portland, OR and can be found spreading chaotic awesome energy throughout the geek community there.


Chris Dawe, Wheelwrights, LLC

Born and raised in Texas, Chris studied history at the University of Chicago before getting sidetracked into the world of Apple, networking, and IT. A member of the Seattle consulting community since 1999 and Principal Systems Engineer for Wheelwrights since 2007, Chris provides planning, solutions, support, and training for a variety of business and education customers in Western Washington. In his off hours, Chris can be found mucking about in the kitchen, usually with sharp knives and unseemly amounts of butter.


Allen Hancock, Watchman Monitoring, Inc.

Allen Hancock received his Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri – Columbia. This background in education keeps him coming back to MacTech. In 2000, Allen started the Mac Consulting Group, Inc: an Apple Specialist and Authorized Training Center based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There, he found his thrill in helping clients make the most of their computing experiences. In 2012, Allen sold the Mac Consulting Group to The Orchard, where he continues to do what he loves most: help make happy customers. Over the course of his career, he met too many people as they suffered a failing hard drive without a current backup. As a means of preventing such loss, Allen founded Watchman Monitoring, Inc. Its namesake product is a Software as a Service tool which allows service providers to address such problems before it’s too late.


Jack-Daniyel Strong, Strong Solutions

Jack-Daniyel Strong is the President of J-D Strong Consulting, Inc. and Strong Solutions. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, J-D Strong Consulting grew from a one-man consultancy to Strong Solutions, an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider for the Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho area. Strong Solutions’ sole focus is on Mac OS and iOS solutions for Small and Medium Business. When Jack isn’t coming up with Apple related solutions, he is heavily involved in helping to revitalize the surrounding community, serving as President of the Spokane Neighborhood Business Centers, Past-President of the East Spokane Business Associations, and as a member of the Greater Spokane Small Business Council. And, in his free time he sneaks in some golf and white water rafting.


Jonathan Spiva, 74bit, Inc.

Specializing in Apple products, Jonathan Spiva has spent years working for technology support companies up and down the West Coast. While his passion with clients has always been primarily with OS X, he also has expertise managing Windows and Linux infrastructures. Jonathan considers himself a very forward looking technologist focusing on best of breed and modern solutions over more traditional options. Jonathan currently holds many Apple certifications including current Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) & Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP). He is also a Certified Casper Administrator (CCA), Casper Mobile Administrator (CMA), Certified JSS Administrator (CJA) and Certified Casper Expert (CCE), for JAMF Software’s Casper Suite.


Bobby Toledo, Microsoft

Bobby was first introduced to Apple in 2007 where he worked in Apple retail for 6.5 years. As a market facilitator, Bobby led trainings and in-store development for hundreds of employees in multiple stores. In 2013, Bobby transitioned to a Danish wireless speaker company as the North American Western Regional Sales Manager where he refined his sales and business acumen skills. Now, as a Microsoft Master Trainer, Bobby brings his passion for training and technology to showcase the power of Microsoft products and services.

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Sessions and Topics

  • Deconstructing iCloud Drive: What a Tech Must Know
    iCloud Drive had a rocky start but now has a growing loyal following. It does a great job of keeping your stuff on all of your devices. But how? The problem with "magic" solutions is, when they break you don't know how to fix them. In this session, we fix that by completely pulling apart iCloud Drive and really understanding where files are located, how backups capture the data and what can go wrong and how to fix it if they do. Be one of the only consultants in your market who really understands iCloud Drive.

  • Caching servers, DNS Tricks, and More
    It may be one of the least known benefits of OS X Server, and the one reason everyone should have at least one OS X Server on their network. Anyone who has opened the server app knows that the caching server is a no-brainer to turn on, but if you have tried to enable caching server in anything other than the simplest network, you know that getting caching server to work correctly in those environments is a bit of a headache. Come find out why you should use caching server, and how to implement it in a complicated network infrastructure, on a network with multiple VLANs or where a customer has more than one public IP address, is doing load-balancing, or other common practices. Learn from our experts how to properly set up caching server to cache only the content you want while making it all possible on virtually any network infrastructure. And, see how, once again, DNS plays an important role in your clients' network.

  • Time Machine Deep Dive, and Fitting it Into a Backup Strategy
    Every good consultant and tech knows backups are not about backup, but all about the restore. Time Machine may be an easy way to back things up, but did you know Time Machine has command line tools and special features in OS X Server? How do you know when you've outgrown Time Machine? How can Time Machine fit together with other solutions as part of an overall disaster prevention and recovery strategy? Learn not only about how to take full advantage of this powerful and simple to use backup utility, but also what the pitfalls of Time Machine are, different strategies for organizing your backups, and when third party solutions are more appropriate.

  • VPP, DEP, and Under 13: How New Apple ID Requirements Impact You and Your Clients
    Apple ID's are central to the Apple experience, despite being a sore spot for many. Over the last few years Apple has launched several programs that businesses, institutions and Apple consultants can leverage to deploy devices. It's now clear that it's time for techs who have been using work arounds to move to Apple's programs: sooner rather than later. You as a consultant will learn best practices and insight to coach and mentor your customers through this process. Are your customers may be in violation of Apple end user license agreements? It is critical that System Administrators understand and develop game plans to help clients enroll and take full advantage of Apple's programs: what they are, and who they apply to. In this session you will have a clear action plan to start implementing this for your customers: Apple's recommended processes, and the correct recommendations to your customers. Learn what you need to know to empower you or your customers to manage their iOS deployments using the appropriate programs and processes.

  • Using OS Resources to Diagnose Troubles
    Things break. As someone who supports others, that's basically your bread and butter. Here's how to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness when attempting to diagnose system troubles. Our experts understand troubleshooting. As OS X has evolved, many things have changed even while some of the methodology has stayed the same. Learn what tools to use, and how to use them, when things go horribly wrong and you are the one called in to fix them. In this session, you'll learn about the best ways to use System Console, Activity Monitor, Disk Utility, and the Recovery System -- and what their messages mean to you, and solving the problem at hand.

  • Productivity Tools: Best Practices and Uses of Microsoft Office
    You have options for productivity tools -- Apple, Google and Microsoft. What are the pros and cons of each? Do you know how to use web apps vs. applications effectively? Microsoft Office is at the core of how people work, yet many people don't know what Office for Mac, Office for iOS and Office 365 can do, let alone take advantage of it. Learn from Microsoft experts how you cannot only make the most of Office for yourself, but what you should know for those that you support.

  • Security, Viruses and Malware. It's real. It's now. You need to take it seriously.
    For many years, Apple users were safe because attacks, viruses, and malware on the Mac and iOS simply didn't exist. There were good reasons for this, some historical, some in the system, and some based on the size of the base. We've all known that this would ultimately come to an end -- and we're now at that point. These threats are real, and they are taking place now. You need to take them seriously for both your own configurations, and for those you support. Don't be in the position of your client saying "you should have been watching out for us." In this session, you'll learn about virus and malware protection, network security, password management and monitoring. And, we'll help you to understand what to do if an attack is successful.

  • Managing Your Clients To Increase Productivity and to Optimize Revenue
    Your productivity and organizational skills as a tech are as important as anything else to your effectiveness -- but it can also be the key to greater profits, revenues and responsibilities. In this session, we'll help you understand from a business/organization point of view, how to generate more revenue or provide more services, how to provide security, email reliability and spam filtering services easily, how to profit from your recommendations, and where extending life of hardware through upgrades makes sense. You'll also learn about the best ways to keep job notes, track passwords and serials, document networks and security. And, you'll learn the easiest ways to communicate to your clients and those that you support en masse, in a way that makes your life easier, not harder -- while providing better and more services. Finally, you'll learn about some of the best ways to bill clients, and track payments so that you can focus on being a tech.

  • The Professional Apple Tech's Toolbox
    As a tech, you need to not only understand how to use and support applications your user uses, but you need your own toolbox of applications, utilities, and even hardware in your "bag of tricks." This session will go over the utilities that are used regularly by some of the best techs in the business. You'll not only find out about tools that you didn't know about, but what they are for and how to use them. This session will also include a group discussion where you can share some of your knowledge and favorite tools.

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Note: All information is approximate and projected, but it does evolve. All sessions, speakers and descriptions are subject to change at any time without notice.